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The wildest birds invade facebook


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Angry Birds, the phenomenon in the world of video games that has reached nearly every platform that have ever existed is now taking Facebook by storm. And it is doing it the way these birds know how to do it best: with a clean hit.

The mechanics of the game remain nearly unaltered: you have to launch your birds against different structures in the scenario with the objective of killing all of the green pigs that are hiding inside. However, in this game you can count on a selection powers that you can activate after launching your feathered friends.

As is normal, you will have dozens and dozens of different levels where you can try to get three stars, with the addition that you can share your achievements with your Facebook friends with the click of a button. If you want, you can even buy certain special objects with real money.

Angry Birds is as addictive and entertaining on Facebook as it is on iPhone or Android. Its playability continues for all ages, and many will certainly be hopelessly hooked.
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